Friday, October 11, 2013

Teddy's Bigger Burgers (Hawaii, US)

Everything we ordered
I love a good burger and we noticed that there were several Teddy's stores around Honolulu so we gave it a try. We visited the location across the street from Don Quijote's just after lunchtime. It wasn't very busy so we took our time examining the menu and deciding what to order.

We ended up ordering something for each of us, including an 'extra thick' hand scooped Kono Coffee Milkshake which was absolutely superb.

Fish Sandwich

Fish Sandwich - Soft, tender, and flaky, this sandwich was above average in taste and quality.

Kilauea Fire House Style Big Burger - I ordered this one and was a little disappointed that they excluded the typical lettuce and tomatoes. I still enjoyed the burger a lot though, because it was spicy, juicy, and included an onion ring and bacon. I think it would have been better with at least some lettuce on it though.

Kilauea Fire House Style Big Burger
Lahaina Style Big Burger
Lahaina Style Big Burger - Big and messy. J ordered this one and really liked it. However, she found that it was a little too big for her so I ended up finishing it for her. The sweet pineapple really added to the overall taste of the burger. Most place put teriyaki sauce on the burger with pineapple to make it "Hawaiian", but the Lahaina style was very good. Teddy's Teriyaki Sauce is custom made with their own mix of ingredients so it wasn't overpowering like regular Teriyaki sauce.
Keiki-sized Burger

Keiki-sized Burger - We ordered this for H and it was a good size with the regular toppings, but she didn't seem to like it that much. I had a few bites of it to clear away the edges of the buns for her but she wasn't really a big fan of it. She loved eating the lettuce though...

The restaurant was large, spacious, and had great air conditioning. The servers were all very welcoming and we had a good overall experience. I will definitely stop by a Teddy's again the next time I'm in Honolulu.

Food: Very good. Fantastic juicy burgers with fresh toppings and unique condiments.

Service: Good.

Setting: Good. Lots of parking, spacious interior and great air conditioning.

Value: Good. Although it's like a fast food joint, it's not fast food. They make everything to order and the food quality and taste is on par (or better) than many sit-down restaurants.

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