Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lahaina Fish Co. (Hawaii, US)

After some shopping along Front Street in Lahaina, we stopped by the Lahaina Fish Co. for a light meal since we weren't all that hungry. The seating area for the restaurant is literally over top of the ocean. The restaurant view was spectacular and we were seated along the edge by the water so H had something to stare at during our meal.

It wasn't all that busy in the restaurant but we ended having to wait a bit for our table, and for the server to show up. She disappeared for long periods of time as well which wasn't very helpful. I counted about 3 or 4 servers and there were maybe 10 tables of patrons but service was still quite slow.

For H, we ordered the Chicken Stix & Vegetables served with Ranch dressing. She enjoyed the chicken with ketchup, but she wasn't really a fan of the veggies. In hindsight we should have just ordered it with fries despite how unhealthy they are (because she loves them and we can use them to bribe her into eating faster). I had a few bites and they were pretty standard.

J and my mom each ordered an Ahi "Katsu" Rice Bowl, which was 'panko crusted medium rare tuna served over seasoned Jasmine rice with Wakame (Ocean) salad, pickled ginger, Kiware sprouts, shredded Nori, sliced cucumber, sesame seeds and Wasabi ginger beurre blanc'. Long description, but it was actually very good. There was plenty of Ahi tuna and the toppings blended well with the rice so it wasn't too heavy or dry. Amidst all the heavy food that we had been having up until then, the rice bowl was a very welcome change.

Food: Good. The rice bowl was very good and had an interesting mix of vegetables and toppings.

Service: Poor. There were plenty of servers but ours was nowhere to be found most of the time. We waited 10 minutes for the chicken strips and about 20 minutes for the rice bowls.

Setting: Good. It's by the ocean so there is a great view.

Value: Average. The food was good and the prices were pretty standard for high tourist density restaurants, but the service brought down the total 'package'.

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