Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gazebo (Hawaii, US)

I'm not sure if Gazebo is a local favourite, but the tourists sure love it. It's a small restaurant that seats maybe 30 people located very close to the beach at a small resort in Napili. The first time we went, we needed to ask the locals for directions. They only open for breakfast and lunch and they always have long line-ups.

They open up at 7:30am and when we arrived at 7:20am there was already a line-up of over 30 people. When they opened, we ended up getting the last available table. Thankfully, the service is fast and they cook up the dishes quickly.

Pineapple Pancakes
Pineapple Pancakes - thick fluffy pancakes with pineapple mixed right into the batter which gave the pancakes a delightful pineapple taste with every bite. I had a few bites of this and it definitely tasted fruity!

Whice Chocolate Mac Pancakes
White Chocolate Mac Pancakes - their signature dish. I couldn't resist ordering this one again. They mix white chocolate and macadamias right into the batter and top them off with a bit more of each and some whip cream. The bites with white chocolate are heavenly and the macadamias give the pancake some texture and a lot of flavour.

Banana and Mac Pancakes - this one was odd because one of the pancakes was plain with no bananas in it. We're not sure if that's how it was meant to be or if they just forgot to mix them into the batter. The macadamia pancake was the same as mine.

Banana and Mac Pancakes
I don't recall if they had this last time I was there, but instead of regular plain maple syrup, they provided us with coconut syrup. It was a creamier white version of maple syrup with coconut flavour. I thought it added to the whole tropical island feel. We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

The beach view from the restaurant is fantastic. It's not right up against the water, but it is somewhat elevated so you get a good view of everything.

Food: Very good. White Chocolate Mac Pancakes are exceptional. Their pancakes in general are very good as they are thick and very fluffy.

Service: Good. They are quick and serve up the orders quite fast as well.

Setting: Good. Plenty of parking and a fantastic view. Although it may be hard to find if you've never been.

Value: Good. Although I have only tried their pancakes, the line-ups lead me to believe that they make great food in general.

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