Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cha Cha Cha 2 (Hawaii, US)

After a not-too-hot day driving to the North Shore and back, we walked over to Cha Cha Cha 2 at Waikiki for dinner. We picked the place due to its popularity and J and I generally like Mexican. The entrance to the restaurant is not very obvious and I wouldn't have even seen it if  wasn't looking for it.

We walked inside and asked for a table for 4, and the server said it would be a few minutes but they can set it up for us. So we waited around for a few minutes but no one helped us. The restaurant was less than 30% full at that point. Another party of 4 guests walked passed us and a server seated them immediately so I asked again and we got a table.

It wasn't clear who our server was and it was several minutes before she came by to take our order. We ordered 3 entrees for the 4 of us and waited over 20 minutes for the food to arrive.

Ole Burrito
Ole Burrito - Shredded Pork, Black Beans, Cheese, Rice & Chipotle Sour Cream in a Flour Tortilla. The burrito was quite large, but I found it extremely dry. There was a lot of rice and black beans inside, but practically no sauce inside the burrito. The black beans were semi-hard and possibly under-cooked which made the burrito taste even more dry. Thankfully, the coleslaw it was served with was cool, moist and refreshing.

Ocean Garden Burrito
Ocean Garden Burrito - Grilled Fish & Veggies, Cheese, Rice & Black Beans in a Spinach Tortilla. The fish was better than the pork burrito, but overall it was still pretty dry. My mom removed the black beans which helped a lot. The fish was grilled well and quite tasty.

Pacifico Quesadiila - Grilled Fish in a Spinach Tortilla. Topped with Tropical Salsa & Sour Cream. Much better than the burritos, the quesadilla was moist and tastier. The grilled fish went well with the other toppings folded into the tortilla.

Pacifico Quesadilla
After we were finished with our meals, we had to walk over to our server to get her attention for the bill. In general, it seemed that the servers weren't trained or just didn't bother monitoring their tables. Several times throughout our meal they congregated by the bar and just chit-chatted instead of looking after their tables.

The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't memorable in much of a good way. I probably wouldn't go back because there are many better places nearby.

Food: Average. The burritos are dry. The quesadilla we tried was good.

Service: Poor. The servers weren't attentive and seemed to prioritize gossip and chit-chat.

Setting: Average. The patio is along a small side street and there's no particular view. The dining room was very bar-like.

Value: Average. The prices weren't bad but the food was just average.

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