Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hee Hing (Hawaii, US)

After a long morning at the Honolulu Zoo, we walked over (which we regret) to Hee Hing which is a Chinese restaurant offering dim sum for lunch. It had been over a week since we had some Chinese food so we were looking forward to satisfying our cravings with some dim sum.

It was well into the afternoon already so we weren't expecting the restaurant to be busy, but we were surprised to find it completely empty except for a private function that was happening in one of the side rooms.

The menus were all in English with no Chinese anywhere, which is usually a bad sign. Some of the items we wanted on the menu only available on Saturdays were sold out. The food that we did order wasn't very good. The shrimp dumplings had a really thick wrap, and the fried sesame balls were completely cold. There was no effort to keep their food warm from earlier in the day, or to make it fresh.

The order of chili wonton dumpling was mildly warm and tasted a little off. The soup was odd and the one slice of chili in it looked out of place and wasn't spicy. Our order of beef rice roll had a tiny bit of beef in it.

Overall, I was disappointed with the restaurant and wouldn't go back.

Food: Poor. Low to average quality food but lack of care in ensuring that the food is served in good condition.

Service: Average.

Setting: Average. The location wasn't bad and there were lots of tables available, but the interior of the restaurant feels very old.

Value: Average. Normal dim sum prices but low to average quality food.

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